ATL Creatives Debut "It's Not Enough" Music Video

Wussy Mag is pleased to share the official music video for “It’s Not Enough” – a labor of love spearheaded by Atlanta-based singer and songwriter, JL Rodriguez. You might recognize JL as the co-creator of the local competition, Sing For Your Life, gearing up for its fourth season at Jungle Atlanta.

“It’s Not Enough” has been in the works since 2008, as a reaction to the discrimination faced by the LGBT community at large.  As the project progressed, JL and his team realized that the themes were universal and should address basic human rights and equality for all minority groups.

JL, speaking on the project, said: “When I wrote the song, it was specifically targeted to LGBT rights and marriage equality. However, after sharing it with friends – I realized that it affected so many people for a wide-range of social issues. It’s become more than I ever imagined, and I’m excited to finally share this with the world.”

The video was directed and edited by Sing For Your Life co-creator Barry Brandon -- featuring Jean Kelley from NBC’s the Voice; Sing for your Life winners Josette, Christy Clark and Sami Michelsen; and Elliott Alexzander of the ever-expanding GenderFlux movement as well as many contestants from the first 3 seasons of Sing for your Life.

Support the project by purchasing the song, now available for download on iTunes.