10 Things Better Than Thanksgiving

WUSSY is back with a listicle of people, places, events, and other beautiful things you should know about. By now you're asking: what could be better than a table full of drunk aunts, fine meats, and buttery casseroles?

How about anything that isn't a celebration of massive genocide.

Gobble Gobble, Y'all.

10. Women of the Hour Podcast

Most people either love her or hate her, and WUSSY fucking loves her. Lena Dunham, creator of the HBO show Girls, recently premiered a podcast miniseries called Women of the Hour , which explores topics like Love, Work, Friendship, and Bodies from a feminist perspective. The cast is full of special guests like Emma Stone, June Squibb, and Amy Sedaris. In a recent episode, Lena’s younger sister Grace interviewed Janet Mock and it was unsurprisingly awesome.  Listen to this on your drive home to hicktown.



9. PANTY DROP - Thotsgiving Dance Party @ Mary's Atlanta

Tonight is the Thotsgiving edition of our favorite Panty Drop party at Mary’s. It will be DJ Bitchcraft’s last night turning it for the thotties of East Atlanta, so come out and make sure you’re sufficiently hungover for your family get-togethers tomorrow. Check out some photos from one of the previous Panty Drops HERE.


8. Videodrome and Chill

After you’re done binge watching Jessica Jones, there won’t be shit to watch on Netflix. Scrape your ass off the couch and go choose from the eclectic selection at our local movie store in the Highlands. They’ve got an amazing collection of queer films by directors like John Waters, Gus Van Sant, Todd Haynes, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the new release Tangerine.


7. Trevor Brave Wiggins

We can all take a minute to appreciate this East Atlanta radical beauty. Stay tuned for our next WUSSY of the Month feature, with photos of Trevor taken by yours truly. For now, enjoy these gems by photographer Aubrey Longley-Cook.


6. Iris van Herpen at High Museum of Art

The new Iris van Herpen exhibition at the High Museum is seriously breathtaking. Herpen creates elaborate couture gowns using innovative techniques like 3D printing. The exhibit contains 45 of her custom pieces and includes a section for those of you like me, who just wanted to touch everything in sight.


5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by The Chromatics

The video is fucking gorgeous too.


4. Conversation with Liliana Bakhtiari + Drive for Lost N Found Youth @ 100 Broad St

On December 5th, be sure to swing by the new Murmur headquarters for an open dialogue with queer Atlanta activist, Liliana Bakhtiari.  Liliana currently serves as the Events Coordinator for Lost N Found Youth, a non-profit that provides homes for LGBTQ+ youth. They will be accepting donations of toiletries, blankets, and clothing starting at 3pm, with the talk happening shortly after. For more info, click here.


3. Carol

Full disclosure, I haven’t seen this movie yet, but director Todd Haynes can seemingly do no wrong. Starring Hollywood heavyweights Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, the film depicts an unexpected love affair between two women in 1950’s New York City. Unfortunately, it looks like Atlanta will have to wait another week or two before the film plays at one of our indie theaters, so go to Videodrome, rent the Mildred Pierce miniseries, and prepare to have your heart ripped out.


2. The Buffy Thanksgiving episode

Even Pangs, one of the worst ever episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is still light-years better than the actual holiday. In this episode, Buffy does everything in her power to pull together a proper Thanksgiving for her friends, while her dopey sidekick Xander accidentally unleashes a Native American spirit out for vengeance. The Chumash warrior curses Xander with syphilis, turning into a giant black bear before Buffy stabs it and all is right.


 1. Friendsgiving

The approach of major holidays like Thanksgiving brings on the sad realization that many queer people are not welcomed at the table with their biological families. For those lucky enough to have found their queer tribes, these holidays become a great excuse to get drunk and have a puppy pile. This year, let's all reach out to those around us who might not have somewhere to go this Friendsgiving. Be thankful for community, queer family, and those people who embrace you fully. And don't show up for dinner without a bottle of wine or a bottle of poppers.