Meow Mixtape: Adrift, At Sea


As the Sea took me, I only had thoughts of you. Where could I find you? How could I find you?

A memory, recalled as I sunk below the waves. Standing as a statue on the gate I cried, "Darling, I have waited to meet you," and the gate said, "Do not wait." And I replied with heavy heart: "I could not wait to see you."

And these singing blues I have carried for so long have become like the animal noises on the wind. My wunderlust is at an end; I now become a man. The light seen from the beacon lite, when i was banging on your door, I waited long and no one came, when I came back I shouted louder and the ships continued to pass by in the harbour as the fire burned at the top of the Lighthaus.

In my dreams, so clearly I see. You stood on the shoreline as my ship passed your port. This was never meant for me. In separate beds we lay, with eyes open, moonlight shining through the windows, emptiness from the absence. I turned to the mirror across the room
you are all I see, no light, no reflection.


DJ MALE recently moved to Atlanta via Brooklyn and our sources tell us he's got some wicked parties in the works. You might remember him tearing it up alongside King Atlas for Legendary Children's Shalloween party.

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