Gallery: NYE Meets Old Hollywood Melodrama at DECAY/DECADENCE

New Year’s Eve without sparkle is Cinderella without a fairy godmother.

On December 31st, WUSSY collabs with current collective-in-residence at 368 PONCE, THNKU, to corral kindred of all spirits for a glittering goodbye to 2015. This proper old-fashioned house party, a “Big House” party specifically, will be a night of riches-to-rags back to riches again (with a touch of wilted romance).

With aims to sprinkle some sparkle dust to crystalize what we wish to keep close to us, the oldest manors in the area has been a haunt for everyone from rich doctors to Air BnB guests, avant garde dancers and creative thinkers, since 1919 and is (like everywhere in ATL) threatened by devastating property taxes, the helm of gentrification.

DECAY/DECADENCE is inspired by Grey Gardens and Old Hollywood’s darker femme fury:  Tennessee Williams’ Southern dramas (a la Babydoll and A Streetcar Named Desire), All That Heaven Allows & Written on the Wind (a la Douglas Sirk melodramas), spinsters losing their shit in the midst of marveled money-filled memories (Sunset Boulevard and Bette Davis in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane).

Equally inspired are rags-to-riches, Great Gatsby mink and champagne flutes, the fierceness of Josephine Baker flapper-feminism. Never to be getting younger, NYE is prime time to regale in our glory and celebrate the magic we have made together over the past year (it’s been a wonderful first year here at Wussy). Fairy godmothers (and Dragnificent winners) Kryean Kally and Brigitte Bidet will host the festivities and entertainment will be abundant with special pop up performance pieces, a set by netcore grrlrap duo Coco & Clair Clair, and dance party decadence via DJ King Atlas, DJ Male and amari Tariq.

A group art show will be displayed in the gallery downstairs focusing (aptly themed and titled) Nudes curated by Joey Molina (Bodies on Display) and Sunni Johnson (Cum Manifesto). Carly Elliott, Andrew Lyman, Erin Branch, Pierre Solo, Hannah Tarr, Andrew Sisk, and Allen Taylor are a few of the many artists who will be showing work at the art opening. There’s even a makeout room in the attic, Flowers in the Attic themed, to be exact.

Come frolick in faux furs with us to toast the times we are leaving behind! This event is suggested donation to aid in the preservation of the 368 Ponce space and to support DJs and performers.


Photos by Jon Dean