PREMIERE: Sparkle Hooves Gay Pride Atlanta Weekend!

Our favorite gay little pony, Sparkle Hooves, is back!

You might remember WUSSY brewed up some really special coverage of Atlanta Pride this year with Creative Loafing... but nothing so special as what you're about to witness.

Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:

Oh My Fuckin Gawd hunty! It’s me Sparkle Hooves and you can finally see my gay pride adventure. Don’t worry there is no fucking romance but there is Bukkake and my ass drunk on a fire truck. Oh no hunty! Gurl I even bought a Hover Board bitch!

Sparkle Hooves is the brain child of Atlanta legend, Eddie Ray and animator Tori Cook. "It's fun to write for him, because it'sexactly what people want to say. He says it for us, so we don't look like whores!" says Eddie.

Sparkle Hooves describes himself as "just a gay little pony that lives in Atlanta, GA. I love to talk about what's going in the city and anything sexy hunty!".

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