Meow Mixtape: #DECAYDECADENCE for NYE Sadness

In anticipation of Decay/Decadence, our New Year's Eve collaboration with the arts collective THNKU, we present to you a playlist of songs to set the mood for the evening. This will not be a sampling of what you'll hear from DJ's King Atlas, Robert Ansley, and Amari Tariq, but should put you in the mental headspace to go through this experience with us. 

Decay/Decadence is not a celebration of what's to come, but a remembrance of days gone by, bridges burned, and what will never be. We suggest you draw a bath, open a bottle of wine, and sink into this music before you taxi over to 368 PONCE.

In our previous write up on the event, WUSSY arts editor Sunni Johnson writes:

DECAY/DECADENCE is inspired by Grey Gardens and Old Hollywood’s darker femme fury: Tennessee Williams’ Southern dramas (a la Babydoll and A Streetcar Named Desire), All That Heaven Allows & Written on the Wind (a la Douglas Sirk melodramas), spinsters losing their shit in the midst of marveled money-filled memories (Sunset Boulevard and Bette Davis in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane).

Equally inspired are rags-to-riches, Great Gatsby mink and champagne flutes, the fierceness of Josephine Baker flapper-feminism. Never to be getting younger, NYE is prime time to regale in our glory and celebrate the magic we have made together over the past year (it’s been a wonderful first year here at Wussy).