Gallery: Raise a Toast to Ria

Sunday, November 29, Elliott Street Pub in Castleberry Hill played host to the two year anniversary memorial for Atlanta legend, Ria Pell. The pub and the street outside were filled with well wishers from every walk of life in Atlanta, evidence of the many different people and social circles that called  "Uncle Ria" a friend and loved one.

Ria is known for her work in the queer community in Atlanta and owning two of the city's most coveted restaurants, Ria's Bluebird and Sauced. Sauced closed in 2012 after Pell took home the grand prize on Food Network's Chopped. With her food and her spirit, she united queers, punks, misfits, and hungry creative types from all walks of life.

Ria's daughter, Amanda Joy, had this to say:

Sunday was great, I feel like so many of the events we’ve had to honor her have been sad. This was a great night full of love, laughter, a couple tears and good music. I’m so grateful to keep meeting more and more people that Ria touched in some capacity, it just continues to speaks to her character. Thanks to everyone that came out!