WUSSY Talk with Violet Chachki

If you are a true fan of drag and drag herstory, it should not be news to you that Atlanta has a long legacy of pumping out legendary queens.  


We have RuPaul's roots, y'all.  Sorry, everywhere else.  

So, when it comes to Drag Race, even though there has yet to be an Atlanta queen to snatch the title, it does not mean our Ru Girls haven't done us proud in upholding the legacy.

Case in point:  Violet Chachki.  We've been following this bitch literally forever and when it comes to Season 7, she is easily one of the most talked about queens.  Does she have what it takes to snatch yet another crown??  Ru's crown??

You are like, the epitome of the kinda bitch people love to hate and hate to love because you are so young and so good at what you do.  Unfortunately, on Drag Race, getting the bitch edit can be a double-edged sword.  

So to those still trying to figure you out, how do you describe Violet's personality/attitude?

I would definitely say my character can be brutally honest, but I'm the same way with myself.  I'm my own biggest fan and my own worst critic.  I love drag so much.  Like, so much.  What makes RuPaul's Drag Race such an amazing show is that this is not just our hobby, this is not just our job, this is our livelihood.  When I say drag gives me life, I mean it in the literal sense. My drag character is my child so I'll fight and defend my baby, tooth and nail.  I think that comes off as cocky, defensive and immature at times but I'm not apologizing. 

Well cockiness certainly has it's advantages and it def shows on the runway because you have slayed runway after runway since day one and you are well on your way to being the most fashionable queen in Drag Race herstory, if not already!  Your most iconic look so far is the Death Becomes Her challenge with that 18/19" waist that had us all gasping for air!

How long have you been waist training? 

I've always been in love with exaggerated silhouettes and I've always worn "corsets" in drag.  However, it wasn't until about 2 years ago that I ditched the cheap plastic boning, got a big girl corset and really started to train. 

Is it really as dangerous as some think it is?  

If done properly it's not dangerous. There's actually no proof that it can cause any heath problems.  It's really about being patient and paying attention to your body. 

Could one actually die??

I've heard of freak accidents in the early 1900's, not sure if any of the stories are true though.

Yeah, that's some American Horror Story Freak Show shit.  Well, since you are the fashion bitch in charge this season, lets read some of your sisters best and worst looks.  So, from what we have seen so far, get ready to clock your 3 fav and 3 least fav looks!

Oh god!  I love all my sisters blah blah blah...

Three favs are:

Max's Jetset Eleganza - I was thinking about buying it on eBay!

Max's Death Becomes Her - I wish it was floor length but that bitch is tall.  It was theatrical, smart and she was glowing with dark beauty.
RuPaul's gold gown and matching hat - the best she's ever looked IMO.


Three least fav:
Sasha Belle and her fall Mugler rip off (the lobster fall runway look)....love you, but no gorl.  Show some respect.  Jesus.
Kennedy's Death Becomes Her chicken fantasy.  Need I say more?

Ginger's green look, because Ginger needs to be on this list.  

Which queen(s) do you feel have been your biggest competition so far?

Honestly myself.  Like I said, I'm my own worst critic.  The show really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and taught me to just say 'fuck it'.

Speaking of big competition, Snatch Game just happened.  I seriously thought we were going to get a Donatella showdown and I was really looking forward to your take on it...butttttttt switching to Alyssa Edwards last minute might have been one of the smartest and boldest Snatch gags ever!  You slightly killed it!  

Do you think doing Donatella would have taken you to the top, or landed you towards the bottom like it did for Miss Fame?

Gorl, I don't know.  Everything happens for a reason. 


About being on the bottom.  Some of this seasons eliminations have been extremely controversial.  Max just fell from grace like Lucifer did when he tried to be God and Trixie got cut off the way Nicole Paige Brooks sometimes gets cut off at the clubs...WE JUST WANT MORE!  

Which elimination was most shocking/undeserving to you and why?

Trixie.  I didn't even realize how fucked up it was at the time but watching and getting to know Trixie post filming I realized, damn, Trixie is a really interesting queen and I barely had any time to try and understand her style.  She had a lot more to show. 

Did you think Trixie won the lip-sync, or Pearl?

You know, that lip sync really comes down to a preference of style.  They both had energy, they both knew the words, they both looked great and they both weren't really dancing....

Personally, I prefer a more serious performance/queen as opposed to one erring on the side of camp.

Which challenge(s) did you struggle with most?  

Honestly any challenge where I wasn't in charge.  One of the main reasons I started doing drag was so I could be my own boss and be creative for myself.  So, having to work under someone else in pursuit of their vision was grating for me. 

Anything you would have done differently?

I would have tried to sugar coat things more.  Keyword:  Tried.

You've literally set a new Drag Race record for being picked last in group challenges.  What were you doing to these queens to make them so sour towards you? 

You know, I'm not entirely sure.  I went into the competition really nervous but also really focused.  I was not trying to make alliances with anyone (you see where that gets you).  I've never seen drag as a team sport.  I hate sports.  I think people mistook my drive and honesty for negativity, which is something I'm working on.  Making sure my realness isn't misinterpreted for negativity.

How caught off guard were you when Jaidynn came for the way you were coming across to your cast?  

Caught off guard?  No.  Honestly, I was pissed.  I got shot down when we were working in a team as far as my parody concept (Now Sniff That Sock) was concerned.  I helped make her Bianca dress for that challenge.  Gave her my earrings to wear and styled my wig for her to wear.  And as far as Lucian is concerned, "I haven't sang before...I don't know what an octave is...I'm going off your cue".......gorl really?  I remember thinking:  HA!  These bitches think this is me being mean??  Poor girls.  They haven't seen anything yet.

Did you know everyone felt that way towards you? 

I had blinders on.  Other people rarely phase me.

What were the biggest attitude adjustments you made after all that? 

I think more about the way I come across, my verbage.  I use more emojis now, hahaha!

Well, I am def noticing you and the queens warming up to each other more...mayyyyyybe a little too warm, like, sayyyyyy with you and Pearl.  Y'all sure were adjusting your tucks a lot backstage together after the Leather and Lace runway.  

Please tell me that we are going to see part two of that kaikai!?? 

Oh yeah!  We broke out the double sided dildo that I had in my Jetset Eleganza suitcase and went IN.

Wait.  You had a dildo in your Jetset Eleganza suitcase??

Yes.  It was packed full of dildo's and fetish gear and I intended to have it all bust out of the suitcase at the end of the runway but it got axed last minute because it was a shortened runway sequence. 

Goddamn it!  Well speaking of jetset, where do you see yourself a year from now?  

On a double sided dildo with Pearl.

Touche.  Is that going to be part of your dream gig? 

I'm already living my dream gig, gorl.  Keep your eyes out!

Photo by Jon Dean