Mykki Blanco and Le1f Pop-Up Show at Emory

With the patchwork nature of Atlanta, a city built out of neighborhoods and the "indiscriminate" lines presented before its denizens, the idea of a free, queer show at a high-ranking university still rises to the occasion as coming completely out of nowhere.

Including free parking and open entry, this yellow brick queer road show on April 10th, which promoted a substance-free atmosphere, did not disappoint. The performances of queer artists Mykki Blanco and Le1f held the energy of the crowd, queer to hetero, one with opens arms to experience a good time.

With no built-up social boundaries given consideration, the show came as a great surprise; exciting, freeing, and bonding.

You can find more about Le1f on his website, or on Facebook. Same goes for Mykki Blanco.

Photos by Austin Frantz.
For the full album, click HERE.