The Other Show: Faux Kings


The Other Show is basically your run-of-the-mill "alternative" drag show—if alt drag can ever qualify as ordinary. They’ve been nothing if not consistent. Consistently excellent, but still. Occasionally, a show stands out among their many billings as more exceptionally inspired and invigorating. Their run of shows this past month has proved to be one of their best.

With special guest Devin Liquor on deck, the cast turned their Friday, March 27th show upside-down by performing as "faux kings." What is a faux king, you might ask? Well, boys dressed as girls dressed as boys, or something of the sort. Kind of like that one Blur song.

Behind the scenes, we caught up with each of the queens/kings to find out which person on cast they would Marry/Fuck/Kill!

Check the gallery below.

"Kill ALL of them" - Edie Cheezburger

"Marry Celeste, fuck Violet and (with a ballgag) Evah, Kill Miami"- Jaye Lish

"Marry Edie, fuck Violet, kill Jaye" - Evah Destruction

"Kill all of them" - Violet Chachki

"Marry Evah, fuck Violet, kill Edie" - Celeste Holmes

"Um...I would definitely marry Jaye" - Devin Liquor