WUSSY Talk with Trixie Mattel

Milwaukee-based queen Trixie Mattel recently sat down with WUSSY to answer a few quick questions about her questionably quick stint on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Trixie was booted from the competition in only its fourth week, making hers one of the most controversial eliminations of the entire series. Since her departure, fans and fellow Drag Race contestants have shown their support by using #JusticeforTrixie all over social media.

You made a very bold first impression of Milwaukee queens on Drag Race. What’s the scene like out there? How do you fit in?

I am actually far from a representation of drag in Milwaukee! Milwaukee is all pageants. I am usually a one-and-only everywhere I go—either in a negative or positive way. Milwaukee drag is basically all pageantry. It's all queens in bodysuits doing top 40 songs. I never really got work until I started traveling to Chicago. In Chicago, you can do whatever drag you want as long as you do it 200%.

Why do you think pageant drag is so prevalent in Milwaukee? Would you ever go pageant?
Pageant drag is all about safety. It's all about doing drag that will gain the approval of five judges. I did exactly one pageant... I accidentally won and called them two weeks later to give back the crown. I didn't feel right about pageants and I still don't.

What do you think the future of Milwaukee drag holds? What about drag in general?
I am the black sheep (or pink sheep) of Milwaukee drag. I've never felt representative of the drag in Milwaukee. I think in the future, drag will develop into more developed personas. Truly personal and unique styles instead of just doing drag to do it.

What did you find most shady about Violet? And what you got against public schools?
Violet is like the Regina George of Season 7. Yeah, she's bitchy, but she's not evil or a bully. I feel like her default setting is being defensive—probably because her start in drag was as more of a weird queen. I can really understand actually. She's used to having to defend her style.

I have nothing against public schools! Except for the food quality. I meant it as, "Oh, I feel like we're back in public school" because of the petty arguments.

Quick game of would you rather!
WYR: Huff Violet’s panties for thirty seconds or let Ginger fart in your face point blank?
Violet is such a perfectionist that I bet her panties are fairly clean.

WYR: Motorboat Michelle Visage or Jaidynn?
I would motorboat Jaidynn any day of the week. Michelle Visage still scares me.

WYR: Make a porno with Tempest or watch a porno starring Tempest and Kasha?
I would love to do some transgenerational loving on camera with Tempest!

Pretend for a second that you were just a fan watching the show. Who won the Trixie vs. Pearl lip sync?
If I was a fan who was completely disconnected from the competition . . . Trixie ate Pearl alive in that lip-sync.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? What you doing?
I want do do stand up comedy and also do children's programming! I have always loved PeeWee's Playhouse. I want to do something like that but in drag with kids.

Photo by Jon Dean