GALLERY: Nick Cave & T. Lang "Up Right Atlanta"

I didn't really know what to expect, walking into the future "food hall" of Ponce City Market this past Saturday in Atlanta.  From the flyer, I could tell that dancing and bright furry suits were involved, and that was enough to drive me out to Nick Cave and T. Lang's performance piece titled "Up Right Atlanta". Performance artist and Chicago-based sculptor, Nick Cave, collaborated with T. Lang, an Atlanta choreographer, to make all of this come together.  Flux Projects, an Atlanta group that focuses on bringing public art into the city, was also involved in the formation of this performance.

I won't go into depth about the possible meanings of this piece, but I will say that it was an absolute visual treat for me. Accompanied by drumline beats, dancers in suits traversed the entire area of the hall while interacting with unexpecting audience members. This part of the performance really pumped up the crowd and made people pay attention, to say the least.  

The second half of the performance became a gradual dressing of men in suits. It was very ritualistic and almost somber at points, bringing one of the dancers on stage to tears. When fully dressed, the amazing colorful suits were shown off in a fashion show of sorts.

I am hoping that Flux will bring more free peformance pieces to Ponce City Market, and if anything this was a good way to start.

Photos by Austin Frantz.