GALLERY: The Other Showgirls

On April 24th, the Other queens returned to the Jungle mainstage for a special "Showgirls" edition of their Friday fare, featuring special guests Nicole Paige Brooks, JaZelle, and Extasy Grey. (Hey Edie, I think if you invite Extasy to perform one more time, she's technically not a special guest anymore.)

Per tradition, a toast is made at the start of every show. Much like breaking a bottle for the christening of a new boat, the cast and audience pray week after week that the show won't sink.

As Celeste and Edie slay on the microphone, we're reminded that Edie makes a point to consistently let her cast's amazing chemistry shine. Evah Destruction will both freak us out and turn us on with her dynamic song choices. Celeste Holmes will inevitably say something offensive and later apologize in an all practiced, manageable elegance. And if you have to suffer through another Katy Perry lipsynch, at least it's by Edie Cheezburger, who cannot remember her lyrics.

There was no shortage of rhinestones and plumage, as these queens went all out to create custom showgirls looks for the night. The crowd cheered wildly and tipped furiously, despite the fact that they paid to see Violet Chachki, who is in Australia.

The Other Show has been going strong for over two years now, consistently applauded for being at the top of its game. And behind the curtain is Cheezburger, making sure that this scene is getting a piece of what we all know it needs every single Friday night, from now until the end of time.

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