Upcoming: Southern Fried Queer Pride

Has the bar and club scene lost its luster? Is there a need for more queer safe spaces? Micky Bee and Taylor Alxndr think so. In an effort to battle the onslaught of marginalization and thwart the lack of community activism and open dialogue in the south, these young queer rights advocates are planning a special treat for the entire week before pride.

Southern Fried Queer Pride (SFQP), running from June 22–28, aims to connect and educate queer people of any age, race, gender, and sexuality in an environment that promotes love, art, and community activism. The wild week plans for arts and crafts workshops, artist talks, youth outreach events, films, a block party, performances from dancers, bounce rappers, drag queens and much more to fill the week. Quite a hefty load, but whoever complains about that? These two just want to create spaces for us to be nothing more or less than us ourselves, with no judgment and maybe even a helping hand or two.

Reminiscent of past queer events, such as MondoHomo and Glitter Bomb, the event promotes a space that is open and accessible. As Taylor puts it "We're a community, not just the first two letters, but an entire alphabet. We need spaces that celebrate all of our different facets." This event aims to celebrate ourselves but also educate anyone with an ear for more than just the “LG” in LGBTQ.

"There needs to be more places where people can get the resources they need, to not just survive, but thrive" says Micky. Working with organizations such as Lost N Found Youth, JustUs ATL, and Real Youth, Micky and Taylor are putting their best foot (outfits) forward to help many who feel lost by bringing them a home.

With an entire week of Southern Fried camaraderie, another week of the ol’ college Pride, and a fundraising event for SFQP called Bless Yr Heart, this summer seems to have quite a lot in store for queer awareness and positivity. Micky, Taylor and all of SFQP are delighted to head the festivities off, flags ablaze and hearts aglow!

Don't miss the Bless Yr Heart fundraiser, featuring King Atlas, Koochie Ku, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on May 17th at My Sister's Room.

Photo by Austin Frantz