Gallery: Legendary Children presents HOGTIED

Legendary Children ATL threw their biggest event yet, as a mix of folks from all walks of life poured into Heretic bar for HOGTIED. Leather, latex, puppies, and pigs were in abundance, and the floor was overflowing with beautiful queens. Cayenne Rouge, Mo'Dest Volgare, Kryean Kally, Ellisorous Rex, Lavonia Elberton, Brigitte Bidet, and Nicole Paige Brooks acted as hostesses for the night.

DJs King Atlas and Vicki Powell kicked the night off with sweaty, industrial sets, as the packed dance floor fumed with heat and smoke.

Heretic was fit to handle all the fervor, featuring two bars, a spacious dance floor, an infamous set of bathrooms, and a VIP room in the back. And that's not to mention that wonderful respite of a porch!

Then, the special guest for the night made her appearance: Violet Chachki, Atlanta Queen and the latest winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, was treated to her homecoming. With a powder blue latex dress, a white sash, and the most gorgeous damn chandelier crown you'll ever want to snatch, Violet addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for their support. Welcome home, you beautiful bitch! After a toast and thunderous applause, the main festivities kicked off with special guest DJ NARK, of Nark Magazine in Seattle, electrifying the dance floor till the lights came on.

It’s hard to bring this melting pot of a city together under one roof, and even harder to make them all have a good time, but HOGTIED proved we still remember how.

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All images by Austin Frantz.