Meow Mixtape: DJ King Atlas

DJ King Atlas was born in a part of the Tennessee mountains nicknamed "The Backwoods Discotheque" where he gained notoriety through his involvement in the legendary, DIY queer parties the area has become famous for.  Almost entirely self taught and still considered a newcomer, Atlas is known for his unconventional use of new DJ technology. Already, he has DJ'd along side queer legends such as, Jake Shears, DJ Scooter, Will Automagic, Mark Louque, Keoki, Show Pony, and more.  

In Atlanta, Atlas has become a fixture in queer nightlife, working in various nightlife scenes: Legendary Children, Trashed ATL, Tossed Salad, Gurlfrandz, Wild Out Wednesdays and ShartThrob.  

Though he is a chameleon to different genres of music, his heart belongs in a foggy disorientating club, where he can showcase his preferred perspective of sophisticated underground house, deep house, acid house and techno.

When asked how he describes his style he is always quick to respond "Everything I put on the dance floor has to pass three tests:  Does it mix well with poppers?  Can you fuck to it?  And can it turn a straight boy into a faggy, runway stomping dancefloor diva?"


Todays Playlist:  Melting Summer

Daniel Bortz - The Misery Feat. Nils Corssen (Nu and Pauli vs Acid Remix)

"This song was introduced to me by one of my greatest influences, Nita Aviance (NYC, The Carry Nation).  One of the most perfect acid remixes I know, this track perfectly captures the misery of a boiling hot summer day, melting everything and everyone to a steaming puddle.  Just when you think you're about to evaporate away, the sun goes down and you realize, oh shit, we still got all night to go."


The Ride Committee - Synthetic Feat Roxy (The Carry Nation Remix):  

"This track is the epitome of witchy opulence.  I often prefer a sick beat paired with faggy spoken word over a more lyrical piece."


Helly Larson & Riccicomoto - Moving Dub

"Spacey, melty, sexy and oh soooo deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep."


Luid - The Ace (Pirupa Remix)

"Like being thrown into a washing machine a swirled around and tangled up with everyone inside.  A bubbly, steamy deep clean."

Azari & III - Manic (Maceo Plex Remix)
"Like a glamorous and sexy case of sun poisoning."


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