The House of Gunt: A Brief Autobiography

Drop dead scandals from subterranean sutures in middle crust’s culture killing sabotage seek bittersweet repentance.

The House of Gunt began when house mothers Monster Cunt and Influenza Mueller became fed up with the lack of fresh queer air in the friendly city of Savannah. Along with OGs (Original Gunties) Lavender Mist, Rachel Fauxrelle, Toyotta Mitsubishi, Princess Shay Shay, and resident DJ Cheedoh Du$t, they took some plywood, duct taped it to some pallets, and called it a stage. And on October 4, 2013 (yes, it's almost been two years!), the House of Gunt opened its wings with a party whose sole purpose was to achieve a noise violation on E. Waldburg Street.

Since then, they have assembled a ragtag group of drag queens, gender benders, performance artists, burlesque performers, DJs, video artists, and musicians that possess the qualities of GUNT—the embodiment of two spaces, of two insecurities, the tenuous relationship between the masculine and the feminine, the beautiful and the ugly, the real and the fake, and of the digital and analog realms, all slathered in a brash, "don't give a fuck" type of attitude.

Combining risqué nightlife entertainment with subversive performance art, the HoG has performed from dive bars and venues in the ol' dirty dirty of Savannah to the art galleries of metro areas like Miami and Atlanta. The network of performers spans the eastern United States, each individual displaying their own blend of avant-garde and pop culture tropes to comical and devastating effects.