WUSSY of the Month: Laura Barton

Our first featured WUSSY of the Month is Laura Barton, Event Manager at Atlanta Pride. Girlfriend to the legendary Vicki Powell, DJ extraordinaire and host of Sunday Service at Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium (or "Church" as you've heard it from the mouth of the bros of Edgewood), you may have run into her at Mary's or Sister Louise's. If not, you've likely attended one of the year-round events she set up for Atlanta Pride. 

A self-described "Georgia peach," Laura fled the suburbs when she was 18 and fell in love with Atlanta. When not brunching at Ria's Bluebird or doing yoga at Mystic Lotus Yoga, she can often be found hotglueing and rhinestoning garments til the sun comes up for resident Rupaul's Drag Race celebrity, Violet Chachki. Chachki is poised to take the crown next month, and it will be in no small part thanks to Laura.

At Atlanta Pride, Laura works daily to promote visibility and unity within the southeastern community. "Our community is rich with diversity, and we pull from a deep well of Southern heritage and culture. I love that we are not too full of ourselves and we know how to turn on that sweet southern charm for guests."

Although she has a strong love and commitment to this community, Laura still sees areas where we can improve. "I think we can all do a better job of showing up. Not just at the bars, but at the Capitol, the polls, our non-profits, as mentors for our youth, and in support of other social justice movements."

Still, Laura remains hopeful for the future of our city. "I envision a queer Atlanta that is united and inclusive of all voices and experiences. Even though they are gentrifying the hell out of our city, I trust that our culture creators will find clever ways to keep Atlanta fresh."

Photography by Jon Dean