Sparkle Hooves: Meet My Mother DEBBIE HOOVES!

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Oh no, hunty! Your favorite gay Atlanta pony is back, and we're finally getting some backstory.
The new Sparkle Hooves video is released, and it's a WUSSY MAG exclusive! Guest starring Julian Modugno as Debbie Hooves!

See what happens when Sparkle Hooves's mother, Debbie Hooves, comes into town and Sparkle Hooves has a flashback to 1997!

Sparkle Hooves is the brain child of Atlanta legend, Eddie Ray and animator Tori Cook. "It's fun to write for him, because it's  exactly what people want to say. He says it for us, so we don't look like whores!" says Eddie.

Sparkle Hooves describes himself as "just a gay little pony that lives in Atlanta, GA. I love to talk about what's going in the city and anything sexy hunty!".

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