Wild Out Wednesdays @ Felix's ATL

For those of us who don’t have defined weekends when it comes to partying, Wednesdays in the Atlanta scene had nothing to offer. That is, until Nicole Paige Brooks, Mychelle LaCroix Dupree, and Mo’Dest Volgare teamed up to bring a drag revue to Felix’s Atlanta. These nights have quickly become known as Wild Out Wednesdays for those who’ve had the chance to catch one of these shows.

WOW features host and performer DJ King Atlas, a raunchy and unhinged set of queens, and NPB itself. We caught this week’s performance, and were not let down. There was Mo’Dest exhibiting the proper behavior for a housewife, making sandwiches, ironing, and vacuuming (the money she was showered with got in the way, but be sure that she didn’t miss a dollar). Nicole came out in flowing feather boas and little else. Guest queen Shavonna B. Brooks performed a wonderful Pointer Sisters’ medley, while wearing Van Morrison’s coveted purple pantsuit from the Last Waltz. Dupree and guest queen Tanyla Cassadine also shined bright and made the crowd go even more wild. 

This Wednesday night, set your DVR to record Big Brother and check out the queens of Wild Out. As HBIC Mo’Dest puts it, “Wild Out Wednesday was built on a solid foundation of not giving a fuck. This isn't a drag show with petty rules and regulations. Being a Wild Out Wednesday girl means never having to say you're sorry."