Tomboi Heats up the Atlanta Music Scene

When I got word that Jacksonville, Florida’s hottest queer band, Tomboi, was coming to Atlanta for Murmur Media's Atlanta Zine Fest, you could have drowned a small cat in my wet panties!

I decided to start this journey at Murmur headquarters on 100 Broad Street. Murmur is a community resource that helps facilitate insight on DIY media and culture. After emptying my pockets to buy all the fucking cute shit everyone made, I hopped over to Mammal for an audio download from great artists like Danielle Deadwyler and her collaboration with the band DUX, composed of Chelsea Dunn and Casey Battaglino. After being whisked away by their experimental sound and spoken word, I was drooling for Tomboi to take it to the next level.

A beautiful trio composed of Alex E., Summer Wood, and Paige McMullen, these amazing humans make music with the sound of Tame Impala with a femme twist. Alex fronts the band with an incredible soul-filled voice and a talent for many instruments, Paige plays guitar with an ethereal sound, and Summer is the hottest long haired drummer I have ever seen. Their music is a mixture of electronica and dreampop; with a wide catalogue of original compositions. Among many originals Tomboi brought back the nineties with their own rendition of Aalyiah’s “ Are You That somebody” that really go the Mammal crowd moving. Their latest single “Lobos” has an upbeat yet erie like sound that starts a narrative on the vulnerabilities of being a woman. Four remixes of “Lobos” have now been released with collaboration of Datadiamond, Sea Cycles, Prom Date and DJ Wellfedboy. Check out Tomboi’s original sound at :

I was happy to host this awesome trio at my humble abode and learn they were smack dab in the middle of their “Summer Sweatin’ It” tour. They focused their stops on “creative DIY environments around the Southeast,” including Girls Rock Camps from South Carolina to Florida. Girls Rock Camp (GRC) is an all-female music camp that empowers girls through the structure of learning a musical instrument, forming a band with their peers, writing an original song, and then performing in front of a crowd at the end of camp!

GRC is volunteer based, and brings in female musicians to inspire and encourage the campers.  Tomboi has been volunteering with GRC for four years, but this year will be the first that all members of Tomboi will be teaching a workshop on how to form a band with your friends! Alex hopes their involvement “encourages DIY culture and shows how to apply it in real life.” Tomboi gives us butterflies with all their grassroots efforts, and they light up the dance floor with their music.

Haley Murphy (Kiddo) is a radical queer artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her prime objective is to educate the masses while being a catalyst for debauchery.

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