Wussy Prom 2015: A Deathdrop to Remember

Saturday July 25, 2015, WUSSY Mag and Legendary Children presented Forever Hung: A Queer Prom at The Heretic Atlanta, and it was a night to remember.

The night started off with the early birds trickling in. A few people hit the dance floor once the music got going, including Atlanta’s own Brigitte Bidet, who was strutting her stuff looking gorgeous in her 80s prom glam. As the crowd filled in and the drinks started flowing, everyone got down when DJ Ree de la Vega started playing tracks from Flo Rida and Rihanna to Britney and Beyonce. In true prom fashion, a couple slow dances were thrown into the mix. A quick look around the room showed that the attendees varied from cheerleaders to a gym coach, and everyone was dressed to impress in their prom best.

Behind the scenes in the VIP room, all the performers were putting the final touches on their looks, and looking gorgeous doing so. By the time midnight rolled around and everyone was ready to come out on stage, the dance floor was packed and the bodies were moving.

Cayenne Rouge introduced the first performer and the host of the night, Brigitte. She came out looking endearing in a yellow dress to Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” and then turned things up with Brooke Candy’s “I Wanna Fuck Right Now.” Between the splits, the drops, and the sass, the crowd clearly loved her performance. After, she was handed a mic and began her role as the host and MC of the evening. Despite some technical difficulties where the mic tried to censor her and allowed her to create her own “post-modern poem,” Brigitte was the epitome of an entertaining host and had the crowd laughing, throwing jokes like, “Do I look like a fucking Coinstar?” when people threw coins on stage.

The next girl up was Kryean Kally with special guest Jax. Brigitte introduced her with the pretense that she’d give the crowd “a huge fucking nerd boner,” but made sure to include that it wasn’t because she was into sci-fi. The two came on stage, looking the epitome of a pair of Barbies, in nude leotards with massive flowers spanning the length of their torsos. The performance was a bit mellower than what came before, but the crowd loved her just as much. Whistles were being blown and all eyes were on Kryean.

Next up was Dynasty St. James, with an introduction from Brigitte that everyone better be ready for some “dance twirlin’ and swirlin’ with a swerve and a curve.” Dynasty came out and immediately hyped the crowd as she synced along to a quote from Bring It On. The music started, and her first acrobatic move of the night went down with a backbend. From that point on, Dynasty flipped and cartwheeled and kicked ass across the stage to an array of jock jams. The crowd went wild as she did the North Compton Wildcat’s cheer and from there, if you didn’t have a spot near the stage, you were SOL and missed out on some of her more fantastic floor work.

Brigitte gave an on-point introduction to the special guest of the night, “a stand-out entertainer of this world,” from season six of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the one and only sickening, Laganja Estranja. Laganja came out working it in a massive pink boa with a floral bodysuit and green corset underneath, showing legs for days. She hit the stage with “Got Beat” and went straight into Salt-N-Pepa’s “Body Beautiful,” shedding the boa and breaking into some fierce dance moves. “Jealous Of My Boogie” came smoothly into play next, with more dance moves and Laganja showing body-ody-ody.  “I can’t give a leg” brought the performance straight into “Legs,” and Laganja hit her first drop into a split of the night. Each drop into a split and death drop earned more shouts from the crowd. She finished the set with a call and response with the audience, throwing in her tag lines from season six. She let us all know that it was her first performance in Atlanta as a queen, and it was a performance worth waiting for. “I’m trying to breathe, fuck. . .  in between the weed and the duct tape, it’s hard,” she laughed before heading off stage, telling us to get ready for the meet and greet.

Then it was time for the night’s prom king and queen to be announced. Brigitte wasted no time getting a drum roll from the crowd and then Cayenne Rouge and Matt Jones took the crowns. Cayenne soaked up the applause while Matt was a bit more bashful, but the two made a dashing royal couple. They were instructed to make their way to the end of the stage, where they were doused with red glitter (an obvious, but not unwelcome homage to Carrie). Then the pair took their first dance to “Take My Breath Away.”

Following that, Laganja came back out for her encore with a little “Sissy That Walk,” looking stunning, like a mermaid showgirl with a headdress and shoes that would make anyone scream YASSSS GAWD. She sissied that walk right off the stage into a strut through the crowd. Multiple drop splits and death drops went down throughout the performance and we went wild for each one. There’s a lot you can say about Laganja, but after that set, and a drop split right from the edge of the stage to the dance floor, saying that she’s fierce and an entertainer better be on the tip of your tongue.

The end of the night saw Laganja heading to the VIP lounge for her meet and greet, looking fabulous in a long gown with a pink train and a headdress to die for. This was this writer’s first drag show, and it couldn’t have been a better one. After meeting Laganja, if the three words you associate with her aren’t “flawless, humble, and personable,” you’ve met the wrong queen.

Overall the night was a hit and it was all made possible by WUSSY, Legendary Children, Laganja Estranja, Brigitte Bidet, Kryean Kally, Dynasty St. James, and of course, our prom king and queen, Cayenne Rouge and Matt Jones. Hope you all had as sickening a time as we did, ockurrrrr.

Photos by Austin Frantz