Meow Mixtape: For a Good Time

Kryean Kally and Jax are BFF. Aside from heavy involvement in the drag community, they love music. So much so that their love for dancey, dreamy and/or sad girl sonnets has foraged into a creative co-vision, For A Good Time (appropriately acronymed FAGT). In the early stages of their musical magic making, FAGT debuted at Big House’s Political Party on August 21st, offering a taste of what this haunting melancholy electro project has in store. FAGT shares their playlist of musical influences and inspirations with Wussy Mag.


Jax’s picks:

1. Metal Mother “mind_off” - When I saw Metal Mother perform in San Francisco, I was captivated by her cult-ish control over the crowd and witch-y sound that she produced.

2. Icky Blossoms “Babes” - This track celebrates women. When I first heard this track, I knew it was my theme song because all of my friends (regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum) are killer babes. Plus, I’m pretty sure this track is about a drag queen.

3. Los Camp “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of The Future” - This was my favorite song in high school. I love the lyrics and the sort of talk-singing in the song. Los Camp! was my sort of ~teen angst~ music.

4. Coeur De Pirate “Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos remix)” - Back in high school, I always wanted to write electronic music but thought that I was only good at writing songs on my acoustic guitar. Hearing the massive differences between the remix and the original (a beautiful song on the piano) made me realize I could produce all my songs both ways.

5. Grimes “Genesis” - Grimes is probably my favorite artist at the moment. She’s outspoken on feminism and social issues and has mentioned that she vibes in a gender neutral space. I love how Grimes employs her voice as an instrument.

Kryean’s picks:

6. Architecture in Helsinki “It’s 5” - I picked this song because we’re all crazy.

7. Crystal Castle “Empathy” - I consider myself an empath and at the time when I first heard the song, I was struggling with my empathy as far as taking on too many energies. It’s a very soothing song.

8. El Perro Del Mar “Party” - I’m a sad girl at heart and this song really hits home.

9. iamamiwhoami “b” - I always get lost in this song. I feel a connection to higher power within me.

10. Cocorosie “Lemonade” - I like the duality in their vocals. One is a very reminiscent, melodic voice, whereas the other is a more stern voice that tells stories.