Exploring Atlanta's Out on Film Festival

The Out on Film Fest has been around longer than I’ve been alive. Run by Jim Farmer, this festival is more important than whatever you’re doing right now, so listen up.

Despite what Matt Damon says, being gay in Hollywood is officially "in" and all the lovely indie people are shitting out and funding more queer drama than ever. On whether or not this is a good or bad thing, Farmer says, “Hollywood is definitely advancing when it comes to portraying LGBTQ life and characters. Movies in our festival ten years ago were often all about the lead character and his/her sexual orientation. Now it's just a part of who that person is.”

I have a short and sweet little list of the films that we here at WUSSY think have nice trailers (which means go see them!).


Fourth Man Out

Directed By Andrew Nackman

So other than looking like a Buzzfeed short about what happens when your straight friends help you be gay, this opening night film looks like it could be fun to watch. The main characters are cis white males (hooray?) who are very “straight acting” and it turns out one of them is gay. While sorting through Tinder, Grindr, and the nuances of what it’s like to be the fag in public, this guy probably finds himself and the wonderful sweet-hearted bottom that’s just out there waiting for him somewhere.

The lead, Chord Overstreet (Glee) is hot, his friends have dad-bod, Meredith from The Office (Kate Flannery) is in it, and so is the brother who’s in love with his sister from Another Period (Jason Ritter).

Oh, there’s also an after party to be hosted by Overstreet at Mixx Atlanta.

Thursday, 10.1.15, 7:15PM

Addicted to Fresno

Directed by Jamie Babbit

Judy Greer is a nymphomaniac who apparently fucks someone to death, Natasha Lyonne is her sister and a lesbian maid, Aubrey Plaza and Molly Shannon are present. This actually looks amazing. Again with the white cis cast, but hey at least these movies are getting made. You might recognize Jamie Babbit as the director of that movie you stole from Blockbuster because your parents wouldn’t let you rent it, But Im a Cheerleader. This seems to be guaranteed to be hysterical and “heartwarming.”

Friday, 10.2.15, 7:30PM

Those People

Directed by Joey Kuhn

This looks like Queer As Folk meets Cruel Intentions, or even Rules of Attraction. There is a particular type of movie that likes to let everyone know that it is Gay with a capital G and I’m betting that this might be one of them. The plot sounds like my life; everyone has cis white gay face, they’re rich, and they all run around and hurt each other’s feelings. These are a few of my favorite things, but I don’t live in New York and I’m not a painter like the protagonist/anti-hero (Jason Ralph), I’m a photographer, dammit! (Dodged that bullet!)

Friday, 10.2.15, 9:15PM


Queer Moxie

Directed by Heather Provoncha and Leo Hollen Jr.

A documentary about the fringe of the fringe, Queer Moxie is pure #BTS of all the people and shows we need to know and see before they all drop dead like their legendary ancestors from Paris is Burning. After being crowd-funded a year ago, this film has gotten plenty of acclaim and looks like a great educational smorgasbord and should be shown to every blossoming queer thespian and performer. Featuring interviews with legends and legendary babies like Charlie Brown, Johnny Drago, Vagina Jenkins, and Nicole Paige Brooks. COME SEE IT WITH ME.

Check out Matt Jones’ write-up on the film and its creators here.

Sunday, 10.4.15, 3:00PM


Noon Shorts

These sound adorable. Four shorts by four different directors, all about ten minutes long, all with the theme “Growing Up.” I used the word heartwarming earlier too lightly because I need to use it for this. The lead actors in these movies are queer children and they are going to summer camp, it’s their first day of school, they’re meeting their trans neighbor, you get the idea. There’s too much cuteness to be had in this. I hope a jet engine doesn’t fall into their bedrooms at the end. Take your kids to see this one.

Friday, 10.2.15, 12:00PM


Everything under the Rainbow Shorts

So these probably have a bit more language, sex, and mature nihilistic elements to them than the cute kiddy films. Six films and six directors going on about needing more cuckolding in their marriage, gay things, the Supreme Court marriage decision reaction video from a bar in the Castro, a black man and his cat, and a musical. Sounds good to me!

Monday, 10.5.15, 3:50PM


On the lineup this year, Farmer says, “We have roughly 100 films this year, including narratives, documentaries, short films, and web series. It's a cliché but we have something for everyone. It's our aim to represent the diversity and depth of our community and I think we do that.” Farmer is doing all he can to showcase what the masses of our decreasingly fringe culture should be seeing, but you can only put out what you’ve been given. Maybe queer Hollywood still has a bit to work on, especially after the backlash from Mr. Roland Emmerich’s new film, Stonewall, which thankfully will not be shown this year at Out On Film.

The festival takes place at the Midtown Art Cinema, located conveniently in the heart of Midtown gay-TL. For more local fair, be sure to check out Proxy: the Film, directed by Brandon Deyette and starring ATL wussy, Barry Brandon. For a full list of films, check out the handy e-guide.

Take someone to the movies next weekend and educate yourself. Or blow each other in the back, I don't care. America. Ciao, babies.

Blake England takes pictures and does things on computers sometimes. He likes sad period pieces, cats, Scandinavia, and wears a lot of black because its chic as fuck you dont even.