Gallery: House of Gunt get #2BLESSED in Savannah

Savannah’s House of Gunt brought their off-beat brand of geish to The Jinx this Saturday, for a showcase of sacrilege appropriately called #2BLESSED. The Jinx is a metal bar, the Gunts are queer punks - so really it was a match made in heaven. The roster included 16 performers split into 3 sets, including regular WUSSY contributor, Rainé Rainé

The second set was Atlanta heavy, as a few of the big city equivalent of House of Gunt (otherwise known as the Village Queens) braved their way through the Savannah fog. The congregation lived, died, and were resurrected all over again all by the mighty hand of Gunt. 


If you're ever in the Savannah area, do yourself a favor and seek out the House of Gunt. They bounce around several different venues in the city, including Chuck's and Hangfire. You will be born again. 

Check the album below for some excellent back-shots and a few things that may put a rumble in your tummy, all courtesy of photographer Matt Slade.