WUSSY Poppers: Ceremonial by Gilligan Moss

Welcome back to WUSSY Poppersa weekly pick-me-up of our favorite new tracks.

We're back this week with a track from Chicago newcomer Gilligan Moss, who's Ceremonial EP seemingly came out of nowhere in 2015. His not-easily-definable mix of electro-dance-pop brings to mind images of nymphs and other fantastical creatures hiding on the other side of reality, getting tribal in the forest during sunset.


I read an interview where he describes moving to Philadelphia in 2014, trekking to a corporate desk job in a suit and tie every day, and working on his debut EP at night; a year later he finds himself touring the world and being heralded by many as the next big thing in dance music. I personally think his EP release is one of the most unexpected and exciting things to come out in electro-world in a long, long time.

Bonus track for you Glass Animals lovers, check out his remix of "Gooey" below.

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