Gallery: Glitz! Tranimal Edition at Mary's

Glitz!—the show that brought drag to Atlanta’s East Atlanta Village—has been going strong since a motley group of queens decided to leave snail trails on those famous stairs two years. The show has proven its worth as an incubator of some of the city’s most expressive and daring drag to date. As evidenced by the changing monthly theme, the show has longed for the days of twenty-four-hour Atlanta since its inception. Those days produced some of the best drag names in the nation, most of whom went on to become a part of collective queer consciousness. While the days of genderfuck RuPaul, the Dueling Bankheads, Lili White, Kristiva Viva, and Diamond Lil have passed, in Glitz! their message of artistic autonomy remains ingrained. In a city of highly polished drag performers who embrace and honor the binary, the show is a breath of fresh air for any queer that normally eschews drag shows as sexist farcical displays.

Last Thursday’s theme called upon the Tranimal aesthetic popularized in the Los Angeles workshops of drag terrorist Fade Ra Faded. It’s a simple aesthetic, mainly based on the principle of using whatever one has lying around to create a look—the shedding of our own functional fixedness. Tranimal is drag minimalism, laced with grotesque imagery that begs the perception of a botched plastic surgery job.

Hosted by Lola Bundy (bearer of Miss Glitz! 2015 title), Glitz! showed an incredibly off-putting (but still entirely entertaining) cast of newbies and up-and-comers. On Mary’s small stage we witnessed Kaijus destroying small towns, incredible feats of plastic surgery, and a talking, glittered vagina that made bleeding look as glamorous as a Restalyn injection.

Glitz! has seen a lull in attendance over the past year, but this particular show packed the house—I hesitate to refer to this particular show as a renaissance of East Atlanta drag, but it certainly wasn’t far off.

Enjoy these photos below, by our regular contributor Austin Frantz. Follow us on Facebook to see the rest of his images this week.


Zaida J. is currently a Features Editor here at WUSSY and a self-described transgender loud mouth. Full disclosure: She is an alumnus of the Glitz! cast, but is currently in retirement from nightlife performance.