Two men to be charged for the murder of transgender acvitist Diana Sacayan

Buenos Aires

Diana Sacayan, a prominent transgender activist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was found dead in her home in October 2015; Amnesty International reported that the scene displayed signs of violence. On January 3, 2016, it was announced that two men, Gabriel David Marino and Felix Alberto Ruiz-Diaz, are to stand trial for her murder. Sacayan’s murder sent shockwaves through Argentina’s queer communities, with her death signaling a great political loss in the fight for transgender rights. It was only four years ago that the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, personally handed Sacayan a national identity card recognizing her as a woman. Following her death, Fernandez de Kirchner implored Argentian law enforcement to bring the killers to justice.

Latin and South American countries account for the most transgender murders worldwide; Sacayan’s death has brought worldwide attention to the lack of safety for transgender citizens in these regions.  The world’s transgender population is currently unknown, and the quantitative data available can only roughly estimate the trans population of the United States, putting that number at 0.3 percent. However, what is known is that the size of the world’s transgender population is much smaller than that of the LGB community at large, which ranges between 1.6-1.8 percent—this makes the high incidence rate of transgender murders even more pronounced, as an already minute population is continously decimated by way of hate-fueled violence.

WUSSY hopes for the swift exercise of justice regarding Sacayan’s murder.


Zaida J. is currently a Features Editor here at WUSSY and a self-described transgender loud mouth.