WUSSY Poppers: Track of the Week

We here at WUSSY think that we have impeccable taste, so it’s only natural that we would start 2016 with an ongoing feature spotlighting a hot track to make you dance, cry, or fuck relentlessly into the floorboards. Sometimes it will be the latest. Sometimes it will be the greatest. Every time it will be worthy of your consideration.

We’re kicking 2016 off with a sleek dance jam by UK production duo Psychemagik, featuring SF-based Navid Izadi on vocals. “Mink & Shoes” is that underground banger that gets you going in the shower while you’re getting ready or at the club while you’re sweating it all off!

Turn it up and sashay those hips while you’re getting pumped for Powder Room!


HRO is a professional nerd, retired rapper, and radical superhero. You can usually find him at The Ranch drinking scotch in slutty underwear.

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