WUSSY Talk with Zaida J. and Yaya Han

If you're from Atlanta, you have probably heard of Dragoncon, the world's largest Fantasy and Sci-Fi convention held in downtown ATL. Dragoncon brings thousands of proud nerds and cosplay enthusiasts to our city every Labor Day weekend. People go all out for this convention, preparing elaborate costumes to celebrate their fandom of choice. Regular convention attendees will recognize our latest WUSSY Talk guest, Yaya Han

Yaya is a cosplay legend—and we definitely don't say that lightly. Maybe you've seen her at a convention, or maybe you've seen her on TV shows like Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy or King of the Nerds on TBS. She's about to launch a line of fabrics at Jo-Ann. It's safe to say that Yaya always stays busy, so WUSSY was honored that she made time to sit down in the studio with us.

In this interview, Zaida J. and Yaya discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to cosplay and drag culture—catcalling, blackface, and the right to dress sexy. 

After the interview, Yaya stuck around for a brief photo session with WUSSY Editor, Jon Dean. Check out the photos from the shoot and be sure to share this article and tag us @WussyMag!

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