Twitter Erupts in Glee As Details Emerge About Kim K's Robbery

Kim Kardashian West, American reality TV royalty, latex queen, successful entrepreneur, contour master, wife, mother, daughter, friend and sister, was gagged, bound, and robbed at gunpoint in the perceived safety of her ultra-private Paris hotel in the wee hours of this morning. Kanye even had to apologize and cancel his show halfway through his song Heartless.

Speaking of heartless, it did not take long for trolls to start lining up in various news organizations’ mentions, replying to the BREAKING NEWS aspect of their tweets and discussing how deserving she is for this, which is equal parts shocking and totally expected from shitposters on Twitter. 


If you're celebrating the robbery and violation of Kim Kardashian West, then I am not here for you and your problematic ass. If you've ever been robbed, you should know how fucking violating and terrifying it is. Trust me when I say no one cares that you think she's trash or that “her success is the single biggest example of what’s wrong with this country" (That, my friends, is Trump). She's still a human being, a mother of two and an incredibly successful business woman, and for people to gleefully reading gossip rags about the violence she just experienced is so incredibly and profoundly sad.

We’re most likely all a little jealous of her wealth and success but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also be incredibly aware that feminism must exist at every intersection. She’s a victim in this scenario, regardless of her status, proving that not even in the height of wealth and status in a private, secretive hotel room can a woman be safe from attack.

If you're critiquing media for giving more attention to her plight than the situation in Aleppo or the election or #blacklivesmatter or trans lives or climate change, then you're on to something... But do not conflate your frustration with the media landscape with celebrating the violation and robbery of a mother, who apparently begged for her life.

I'm thoroughly finished with faceless misogynists operating under the banner of being " high brow " when they really just want to see a woman suffer because they don't agree with her life story or find her palatable enough.