"south, dirty" a poem by Gato Beaumont

Photo by William Christenberry

Photo by William Christenberry

honey butter chicken biscuit
baby I would prick my fingers on those thorns
if it meant berry stains and
berry cobbler made with that sweet brown
sugar the kind I’d dip a wet finger into
when my mama wasn’t looking
twist it around and lick the sweet off

baby baby hot summer baby
I wanna paddle that delta in my paddle boat
taste your salty gulf of mexico
pray at your slot machines
retreat into your kudzu
lay in your bluebonnet fields
get lost in your pineywoods

sugar sugar deep fried sugar
I can chew you up like truck stop jerky
get you red like a pecan praline
anything for that real butter
dripping off that fluffy biscuit
messy with that good kinda gravy

Gato Beaumont is a native Texan poet and romantic who somehow ended up passionlessly studying engineering at Georgia Tech and falling in love with Atlanta.