Rotten Peaches: A Mission Statement We Can Sink Our Teeth Into

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, there’s a huge void in LGBTQIA+ Atlanta that has affected the city for decades – limited access to women-centric spaces. And this isn’t only unique to Atlanta. The same is true across many other major American cities.

According to a Georgia Voice article from 2012, gay bars currently outnumber lesbian bars in Atlanta, which is roughly 24 to 1. The article further asks why lesbian bars have such a hard time surviving in the city.

For example, some may say it’s because queer women quickly shack up after meeting, never to return to nightlife until they are single again. Other theories suggest queer women have less of an disposable income compared to gay men; Many wonder if there are fewer lesbians in Atlanta than gay males.

We call bullshit.

These anecdotal sentiments have held back queer women’s ability to have an equal opportunity to a night of good fun; Something we desperately need, especially after this year’s presidential election.

Even within the few lesbian spots in Atlanta, it feels like if you don’t subscribe to traditional dating roles like “butch” or “femme”, you are frowned upon.

Thus, the introduction of Rotten Peaches. As a play on words, we want to reclaim what it means to be a “Georgia peach”. The climate has changed in the LGBTQIA+ community. Many of us do identify as queer, trans, non-gender binary, genderqueer, or fluid among many identities.

We think Atlanta is ready to free itself from such restrictive binaries. If you identify as female or not, Rotten Peaches aims to connect a community of women and allies who want to find strength in numbers and HAVE SOME FUCKING SHAMELESS FUN DOING IT!

Rotten Peaches’ premiere will launch on December 3rd at Murmur from 10pm-3am. The event is $10 including a free drink ticket (Sponsored by PBR) given to you at entry. Alli Cat, ^M^RYLL^H GOLD, and Whitney AbstraKt will each light up the room with their creative music. We are also taking pad/tampon donations for The Peach Coven – a non-profit that donates hygiene toiletries for homeless women in Atlanta.

Let’s celebrate each other, love each other, and change what we can locally!

Stay rotten. Get ready to sweat.

This premiere party will set the pace for future events which we hope to include: an all-female punk night, queer women career and networking panel discussion, and possible physical health/fitness events. If you have any ideas, would like to send your input, or volunteer please email!