WUSSY Talk with Tammie Brown and Brigitte Bidet

It's no secret that we are pretty much obsessed with Tammie Brown.

Tammie represents one of the most original and unabashedly genuine drag characters we've ever seen on TV. She first charmed the runway on RuPaul's Drag Race season one before making a splash on the first edition of RPDR All-Stars, and we've been walking children in nature ever since. Post Drag Race, this queen with a cause has been living on the west coast, where she continues to make music, short films, and #ragqueenz. (Seriously, we are ordering one of these for Christmas.)

We were so excited to have her in Atlanta for Powder Room: Buns of Steel, a night of drag and femme frenzy we throw regularly at The Heretic. Before the show, Tammie sat down with Brigitte Bidet to discuss James Franco, sleeping with fans, and her orca liberation campaign. 

If you don't follow her on Youtube, go now!