Black Friday: Thanks for the Vote, Fam

Election Day is coming and remember to do your part to vote or don't.
That’s your prerogative so I'm gonna continue minding my business.

The black vote is highly coveted this year (as is most, if not all, black culture) and somehow there is already increased alarm on decreased early voters in the African American community. Speculation points from lack of enthusiasm, especially going from a black president to this circus, to discriminatory voter practices in some states—which is nothing new.

Sorry fam, but with all the guilt-tripping and doing-your-part rhetoric, there’s only so much people can take, and black people have been taking it all. Your choice is biting the bullet to survive or remembering that you’re still biting a bullet, so you can choose not to because you’ll just damage your teeth anyways.

All in all, the choice is yours—just be informed on your decision, which is once again… not my business.

In other news, Beyonce performed at the CMA’s, and the wonderful whites of the western world showed their asses yet again. 

From announcement to aftermath, many racists have been very vocal about their disdain for Bey’s collaboration with The Dixie Chicks. While this whole thing seems to have both sides up in a tizzy, rumors of videos and even early promo mentions being scrubbed from CMA media outlets have been answered involving the controversy.

Though tensions are still a bit high, this wonderful performance should not be eclipsed by the sea of hate surrounding it. Four strong women, one of whom being a supremely strong black woman, on stage singing their hearts out amongst all the hate.

Matt Jones is your average carefree black boi, community worker, and sensei. As an Atlanta based artist he dreams to foster community and advocate real change for issues involving but not limited to mental health, queer life, and POC disparity.