Your Honor, Keke Palmer Is Reaching

First of all i'm not going to even capitalize keke's name because what I learned in elementary school was you're supposed to capitalize names of important figures, and places so let's make that clear from the jump.

Anywho, it's been reported that keke is sick and tired of being compared to Rihanna - who is doing this? I don't know, probably the same person out here comparing childish dusty gambino to Prince. But before I drag akeelah and the bee for filth, let's just glance at her latest looks while she's been out in New York, captured by paparazzi she called to her location.

Look 1

I won't go too deep into this look because I think universally, we can agree she looks like damn booboo the fool not only with those laurence fishburne matrix ass glasses, but bitch how are you going to pretend to know what season it is with that sweatshirt and socks but step out in a damn high-neck tutu and some damn panties???? bitch??? Rihanna bitch WHERE? All that true Jackson VP money and you want to break necks like this? Okay.

Look 2

Now this is the look that makes me the most upset. Not only is she doing THE ABSOLUTE most while trying to pretend she didn't pay the paparazzi for this photo shoot, but it is windy and CHILLY as hell in NYC right now. I know "a hoe never gets cold", but if she's "tired of being compared to Rihanna" I don't think she's really about that hoe life. This level of buffoonery is unacceptable and tacky in the name of Rihanna. The gag is she looks like a frostitute. The gag is while she got Leonardo Dicaprio on her titty bikini top, Rihanna BEEN had Leo on her Titty on his yacht.

Look 3

Here again is keke palmer at her scheduled photo shoot with paparazzi somewhere on the streets of New York wearing some army green thigh high lambskin condoms for socks, high-waist granny panties, and a matching bra. To really finish the look she's got some version of the crocs on; I haven't seen those before--must be a new innovative design.

keke wants to get upset about these comparisons but she really isn't doing anything new or unheard of. On top of that, she's doing a mediocre job. And that's cool or whatever, but don't act like being compared to Rihanna the Goddess is an insult when she birthed every move you're making. Put a damn jacket on and some pants keke, conjure up an actual "look", an original "slay", because you're not going to win that spelling bee with the flu.


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