WUSSY Attends: The Men’s Room Burly Brolesque & Virile Variety Revue

The Men’s Room

(Quarterly $12-15 Red Light Café - 553 Amsterdam Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306)

In the rhinestone world of burlesque, Atlanta is serving up the goods. Our home is a veritable beehive of dazzling, top-notch performers spanning all body types, gender identities, and orientations. Though burlesque is an all-inclusive business, the term brings to mind imagery of female opulence: Busty curves. Sparkling gowns. Ostrich feathers and giant martini glasses. Male strip tease, on the other hand, has become synonymous with a more strip club environment a la Magic Mike.

Flipping this idea is Atlanta’s own neo-burlesque powerhouse and producer extraordinaire Sadie Hawkins, inviting cis male and male identifying performers to spotlight at the Men’s Room.

“Burlesque shows around the world often feature male performers—whether they’re the MC, a variety act, and increasingly, as boylesque-stripteasers—but there are few all-male revues. It's very much a female-driven performance art, and male-presenting performers are sometimes seen as outsiders or novelties,” she tells us.

“Many people had expressed an interest in bringing Atlanta’s male-presenting performers together in a showcase, and that fits right into my production approach.”

Photo by Dee Flowered

Photo by Dee Flowered

Showcasing local favorites and out of town bad boys, the Men’s Room brought together a packed house of women, gays, and burly enthusiasts from across the state to celebrate the fun and sensual art of male entertainment. From showboy teases (Jack N Thacox, Devin Liquor, Sig Sawyer), magical illusion (Chad Sanborn), suave crooners (Jack Calico, Johnny Pine), and even a bit of genderfuck boylesque courtesy of Dickie Van Dyke, the stage presented a variety so fun and electric that no vocal chords, wallets, or basements were spared. The night also featured the illustrious talents of Diego Wolf, Sketch, and Fritz Krieg.

Not since Star Bar’s 2004 Dong Squad show have we seen a male variety show of this caliber—and evidently we’ve been thirsty for it! Originally a one-night affair, sold-out seating before show date and tremendous community interest has turned Men’s Room into a quarterly showcase which aims to feature even more variety acts and male-identifying performers from across the country.

The next visit to the Men’s Room will be April 22, featuring Washington, DC, burlesque legend Buster Britches. We’re already clutching our fans in anticipation.

For information on the Men’s Room and all of Sadie Hakwins’ signature wacky, glam burlesque shows, including advance tickets and submission forms for interested performers, visit sadiehawkins.net.

Kia is a queer burlesque performer and House of Gunt resident living in Savannah, Ga and performing across the South East.