WUSSY Poppers: 2.11.2016


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It's Thursday again, and that means we've got a whole round-up of relevant music, pop culture, and local events that will help ease you right into the weekend brought to you by your trusty WUSSY contributors.

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TRACK of the WEEK (Chris K)

DIIV - "Under the Sun"

DIIV's latest single, "Under the Sun," is rubbery and lithe, pulsing forward into the heart of an earworm. DIIV's influences are obvious (I mean, we're discussing shoegaze here), but Atlantans will surely recall Deerhunter's "Desire Lines." But that's not why you listen to DIIV: you come for the comforting spiral of sound, and stick around because it's smarter than you thought. "All the pillars that stack / and hold up the sun" is poetry mistaken for mumbling.

"Under the Sun" has quiet power, compelling melody, and graceful lyrics. It's their best to date, but if you're looking for just another DIIV track, it's that, too. Find it on Is the Is Are, out now from Captured Tracks.



QUEER NOSTALGIA of the WEEK (Juliet Awry)

MTV's Undressed

Nestled somewhere in my mind alongside my secret desire to be Britney Spears and my overwhelming crush on the brunette alien boy from Roswell was this little gem. MTV’s Undressed unapologetically served a queer and unfettered blend of hedonistic frivolity in a time when sexuality was fiercely policed. And on mainstream television nonetheless. I remember watching the gay and lesbian couples kissing and feeling a little better about all those callow dysphoric pangs.



Fuller House official trailer

I was a total TV kid who avoided cartoons in favor of family sitcoms like Step by Step and Family Matters, so when Netflix made the announcement that they were rebooting Full House, I nearly lost it. I've watched this trailer about eight times already and I still cannot shake the overwhelming nostalgia and complete nausea it makes me feel. To top it off, our lady and queen, Carly Rae Jepson lends her voice to a modern spin on the classic "Everywhere You Look" theme song. Is this what it feels like to be on shrooms? (Almost) all of the Tanner's are back, Steve is back, and most importantly - Kimmy Gibbler is back. I will be binging the shit out of this on February 26th. Fuck MK&A.


BADASS BOOK of the WEEK (Sunni)

Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity

Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity has given me new life. I ran across it on Ify Akiti’s Instagram, intrigued, then that very day randomly came upon it on the shelf at my local library (yes, ya’ll, the Ponce library has a pretty decent LGBTQI section). Serendipity brought me to this highly recommended, much needed collection. It’s fiercely feminist, perfectly poetic, and never limited to AFABs, exploring the range and realms that the femme can engage, expand, emerge, enrage, enjoy, and above all, exist within.



Kanye West

So look, we know Kanye is an egotistical lunatic and says a loooooot of stupid shit. But on "Life of Pablo” release day, let us remember that Kanye was the single most prominent voice in overcoming discrimination against homosexuality in hip-hop, 10+ years before he was considered a rap god, a stance that could have really hurt his career at the time. Now if someone could just take away his Twitter account…



Black Hearts Ball @ The Heretic

BHB is part bloody Valentine's goth-night and part fundraiser for Lost-N-Found Youth, Atlanta’s only non-profit organization dedicated to taking homeless LGBTQ youth off the street and into more permanent housing. Drag vixen and RuPaul's Drag Race fan favorite, Max, will be the special guest performer and DJ MALE and Silk Wolf will be spinning all night. Hosted by Brigitte Bidet, the drag show will include performances from Arrianna Paris, Biqtch Puddin', Dynisty St. James, Kryean Kally, Lavonia Elberton, and Tayor Alxndr. Tickets available here.


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