FANNIE4U: V-Day Lit List

During Valentine's Day you have this huge social sexual pressure on you for absolutely no reason. Even if you're single babe or a couple of cuties, you have a natural need to get nasty. So why not do that in the most exciting and creative way possible, with toys! Instead of letting the season get you down, get off instead. So I've made a list of some items that I know to be amazing~*


Here are some toys for when you're ready to bust it wide open and keep it cute simultaneously. Penetration solo or with a sweetie can be a bit intimidating so it's always fun to add an element of cute when you're including toys. I adore glass and silicone toys because they're the easiest to clean and last forever if you take good care of them. When you have glass toys you can manipulate the temperature of the toy to really suit your desires. Pop of of these babies in the freezer before play and you'll get shivers down your spine for a multitude of reasons.

Icicles #24 Hand Blown Glass Massager - Available Here

Heart Wand Glass Massager - Available Here

Crystal Jellies 18" Double Dildo - Available Here




Slipping and sliding can be sexy when utilizing the right tools and techniques so switcha typical massage oil or lotion for a massage candle, which turns a predictable candle lit massage session into a hot oil rub down. Don't let the gender binaries stop you from using ON, this amazing oil creates electricity when applied to any part of the anatomy. So use it on your lips for a fun make out session or further south to really get super charged.  If you need to find a quick easy way to loosen up that larynx try this amazing deep throat spray to impress your bae if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

Suntouched 3n1 massage oil candle - Available Here

ON Natural Arousal Oil For Her - Available Here

Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray - Available Here




Turn up the turn up with vibrational realness. Vibes are always a go-to for solo play, but they can also be a sensational way to kick up the good times with a partner. Vibes and bullets with remotes are amazing especially if you wanna get kinky in public.

Kinky Cat - Available Here

Body & Soul Connection Silicone Body Massager - Available Here

The Screaming O Master Ring and Vibe Set - Available Here




V day is always a great excuse to introduce some freak into your usual routine. Whether it be something simple like some cozy bondage rope or a lil spanking from a crop, paddle or whip. It's always fun to add an element of ouch oooh to playtime. And if your bae is feeling a little too vocal this holiday, stick a yummy gag in their mouth to please both of you in the sweetest way.


Bondage Rope - Available Here

Jawbreaker Ball Gag - Available Here

Sparkly Riding Crop, 18" - Available Here




Honestly, flavored fun time stuff usually tastes like trash, is super messy, and leaves a sticky mess. So here we have some items that taste amazing, are functional and require minimal clean up. System Jo makes a wide variety of flavors for your enjoyment and they're so silky and delicious you'll be looking for an excuse to lube up your lover.

System Jo Peachy Lips - Available Here

Candy Underwear - Available Here

Clone a Willy Chocolate Kit - Available Here

Valentine's Day is special so don't be a wack fingers in the booty ass bitch and try something more creative.

Sinclair Select Anal Explorer Set - Available Here

Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug - Available Here

Tail Butt Plug - Available Here


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Fannie is a queer femme atlien who has mixed drinks about feelings. She an avid online shopper, a smol senstive gem that enjoys dimly lit bars, dancing, and cartoons that make her cry.