WUSSY of the Month: Cameron Allen

Photo: Maxwell Turner

Photo: Maxwell Turner

WUSSY of the Month is back! Every month, the staff at WUSSY Mag will showcase one local queer artist we've got a major crush on. For February, we are featuring Savannah artist and skateboard enthusiast Cameron Allen

We were first introduced to Cameron through his Instagram account, @pretendcouple - a digital collage project inspired by his relationship with his best friend Paige (or @mustarrrrd).

Cameron is known for his artistic work, ranging from photography to graphic design to music. 
He's also a total babe. 

As our reigning crush Supreme, we're giving Cameron the keys to our @wussymag Instagram account starting Sunday, Feb 21st. Follow along, wussies!


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a Savannah native. I moved to Atlanta for about four or five years up until a year ago when I decided to move back home to focus on my work.

I do this and that, music, photography and visual art. But, I'm realizing most of my creative ventures seemed to have started with skateboarding.


Is skateboarding something you've always been passionate about?

Yeah, I've basically been skateboarding for as long as I can remember, playing on the driveway as a kid.




It's typically thought of more as a bro-sport and less welcoming to us sissies.  Have your experiences been welcoming in the scene?

I've given this a lot of thought lately, and I'd say in my experience I have felt very welcomed. Skateboarding has such a diverse community. Any feelings of unwelcomeness were probably a projection of my own insecurities growing up, not knowing how to deal with it myself. I've never had an actual issue with anyone, and some other friends alike I spoke to said the same thing. Sure, I wasn't public about my sexuality during that time, but for me that was irrelevant anyway. I just wanted to skate. And I'd say that's the overall mentality for most of my friends as long as you were down to earth.

I think the whole process of growing up as a skateboarder is that you're already somewhat of this outcast weirdo to begin with. Double whammy in my case. When I moved back to Savannah I stopped hiding it, and strived to remove that filter. That's probably one of the most relieving things I could ever do. The guys I skate with now all know about my sexuality and I make gay jokes all the time. . . they love that shit. Shout out to all my Frick Yeah homies.


What is the queer scene like in Savannah? Got any favorite spots?

Honestly there aren't that many exclusively queer establishments in Savannah compared to Atlanta which I've grown to love. It forces you to branch out and meet all types of people you wouldn't expect to befriend. All of my favorite places are these melting pots where it really doesn't matter what you are, and that's what I enjoy more than anything. I'd say that reflects the cities nature as well. The queer folk, they're everywhere really.

But with that said I really like the Legion. Cheap drinks and chill vibes. That's my fallback. Other than that, I get the sense that Savannah is in a bit of a transition right now with all of the money Ben Carter is putting into downtown. It's forced some of my favorite places like Hangfire to relocate.

You've been exhibiting a lot of photo work recently in Savannah, right? Is there a new project you're working on?

Yeah I had a piece at Non-Fiction and I have some work up at the Lee O'Neil Gallery until the end of this week, and then those pieces will be traveling to a gallery in East Hampton later this summer.

I have plenty of ideas for shows I'd like to eventually have so if anyone's listening that's interested PLEASE CONTACT ME!  :-)

Also, my best friend @mustarrrrd just released a zine called Bounce that has some collaborative work we did together as @pretendcouple. It's real lit. Brendan Fraser and Gucci Mane are in it.




Will you continue the @pretendcouple project?

Well, I'm working on producing some large pieces that are all based off of the instagram account. Eventually I'd like to exhibit them all together whenever I have the means to do so.

The idea is to present something familiar that you're used to seeing on a daily basis on a handheld size into something as large as yourself with an adjusted perspective.


Who are you following? 

Jordan Stubbs, aka @googlemapsstreetview, always excites me. He's a friend and true inspiration. 
Richard Prince, Ken Price, David Salle, and Devin Troy. 
Jim Greco just released a film called The Way Out that's absolutely amazing. 
That new album by Knxwledge is real. 
Also Gosha Rubchinskiy is killing it.

Check out more of Cameron Allen's work at http://cameronallen.xyz/
Buy the BOUNCE zine from Cameron and Paige, HERE

All photos by Savannah photographer, Maxwell Turner