WUSSY Poppers: 2.18.2016

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ITEM of the WEEK (HRO)

Pansy Ass Ceramics

I wish I'd had a Valentine, only so that they could have bought me this. Pansy Ass Ceramics takes antique tea saucers and serving plates, adds some custom queer flare, and the result is oh so homo chic. Only for the bougie, as prices for these customs have nearly doubled in the year since I've had my eye on this shop, but a damn special gift for a fancy bedside condom display.



TRACK of the WEEK (Jon)
"Golden Gal" by Animal Collective

Animal Collective is back with their own brand of idiosyncratic pop. "Golden Gal" is a song so fun and out of left field that it will stick with you long after its over. Not only does the song kick off with a sample from an actual episode of The Golden Girls,  it is probably the most palatable pop song the band has ever released.  Speaking to Rolling Stone, Brian “Geologist" Weitz said, “even [2009's] Merriweather Post Pavilion, people were saying was our poppiest record up to that point, but there still were like long, drawn-out passages of drone. With this one we were just like in and out. No long buildups to get to it, no long outros." It's weird as hell, and you're going to bump it ad infinitum.

Painting With, the group’s tenth studio album, will be released tomorrow (February 19th) on Domino Records. 


SELF-LOVE of the WEEK (Zaida)

"I Love Kanye" by Kanye West

On Valentine's day, Kanye West released "I Love Kanye," a glorious hip-hop gospel tribute and love letter to Kanye West. There was no mention of Kim. This is fine, because Kim isn't even my favorite Kardashian, as she is not the one dating Blac Chyna; shout out to Rob for the $35,000 diamond encrusted mural-sized portrait (complete with John Legend lyrics; how transcendentally on-trend) he bought his newfound boo-thang. Everyone, we can learn from this.




Cameron Allen 

No shame. WUSSY swoons for this Savannah babe.

Check out our interview with Cameron Allen HERE before next week, when he will be hacking our Instagram account, @wussymag.



EVENT of the WEEK (Sunni)

Art AIDS America: Opening Reception

Kennesaw University’s Zuckerman Museum is the only Southeast location that will be housing Art AIDS America. The exhibit features a variety of artists' work from the 1980s to present, including Nan Goldin, Duane Michaels, Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe, and more - all commenting on the experience of those living (and many who have passed from) HIV. Heavily focusing on themes of loss and beauty, struggle and pride, pain and purpose, this powerful collection is not one to not be missed and worthy of the OTP trip. It will be showing from February 20 to May 22.



WTF of the WEEK (Chris)
The Grammy Awards

Look, I'm not here to tell you that the Grammys are terrible. You already know that. Inscrutable categories (Record vs. Song of the Year, for example) and even more inscrutable chronology (Meghan Trainor won Best New Artist in the year 2016 OVER COURTNEY BARNETT, even though her hit "All About That Bass" has already been erased from airplay and banished to the hell where it originated) collide with vapid taste to produce the least valuable cultural currency going. This year, David Bowie died, and so the Grammys tabbed the deeply conventional Lady Gaga to bury him and his art forever. There was weird 3D projector nonsense, and then, in true modern tribute fashion, a frantic parade of twenty-second hit clips and some elaborate set changes. But (and you can probably feel my chagrin as you read this), Gaga wasn't the problem. She looked like she was having fun, and whatever it was they expected her to do, she did it well. In this instance and in all instances, it was the Grammys with egg on their face, not her. If you're like me, the only thing more painful to admit about this mess is that maybe Hamilton doesn't seem like the greatest musical ever written after the Grammys provided the only glimpse of it you'll get this decade. (I'm inclined to add a big "whoop-di-do" about Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping his acceptance speech, but that just seems especially mean.)

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