Morph Plans to Transform ATL

Jay Levy (shot by  Carolina Menendez )

Jay Levy (shot by Carolina Menendez)

The Atlanta nightlife scene is constantly shifting, dying, reviving, and evolving along with its influx of new inhabitants. It is often difficult to discern between one event and another because so many follow the same blueprint—hyped DJs, some popular-at-the-moment venue that just popped up last week, a DIY-but-intentionally-so flyer. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

But a new event is arriving this Saturday to save us from the monotony of tired and contrived nightlife. It’s called Morph.

“Before moving to Atlanta just last year, I knew I wanted to conceive some type of creative entity. I moved here with two missions: Get my degree and create something from scratch,” says Creative Director Jay Levy.



“Then we eventually discussed creating our own party, pooling together our resources and just going for it. The only way to describe this party is that it remains in a constant morphing state, and the only way to understand that is to be there,” he continues.

And change is good, especially in a nightlife scene than can all too easily become static. This is precisely what Morph seeks to subvert.

With the backing of West Coast label and culture creators Fade to Mind, Morph is poised to bring a much needed spark back to the party circuit.

Co-creator and DJ/Producer Leonce notes this, saying, “There are cool parties going on—all with their own agendas, but Fade to Mind has its own history of impacting modern progressive club music and working with artists of different colors and genders and sexualities and it's cool to have a chance to bring that to Atlanta."

Morph debuts this Saturday, Feb. 27th at 787 Windsor St SW, Atlanta, GA 30315.
Find the Facebook event here.


TAYLOR ALXNDR (they/she) is a queer and trans performance artist, community organizer, and co-founder of Southern Fried Queer Pride.