WUSSY Poppers: Our Weekly Pick-Me-Up!

Welcome to WUSSY Poppers: A weekly pick-me-up of all our new favorite things.

It's Thursday again, and that means we've got a whole round-up of relevant music, pop culture, and local events that will help ease you right into the weekend brought to you by your trusty WUSSY editors.

Get comfortable, breathe deep, and let us know if our picks suck.


Hannah Holland feat. IMMA:MESS "Lush"

This goes out to all my nightlife queens. Once you hear this you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  London's Hannah Hollandqueer underground electro royaltyputs out what is sure to be THE track that will have every fierce bitch in the galaxy serrrrving for the goddds hunny!  #COMECORRECT



MOVIE PICK of the WEEK (Sunni)

Happy Birthday, Marsha!

This upcoming film about Marsha P. Johnson’s life and the Stonewall riots will feature Tangerine actress Mya Taylor (check out OutSmart’s interview with her). Needless to say, after the white-washed trans-exclusive bullshit that was the recent 2015 Stonewall movie, we are really excited for this biopic!  



WUSSY of the WEEK (Zaida J.)
Matt Jones!!!!!

Gurlfrandz! The Matt Jones Edition will be a special benefit show for the 2015 WUSSY Prom King and Atlanta arts advocate, Matt Jones, while he battles a rare form of cancer. Six queens and two trans performers will be doing two numbers each of Matt’s choosing. This Saturday, February 6th at Mary’s EAV. Entry is free but donations are highly encouraged.



EVENT of the WEEK (Chris K)
The Missing Generation of Dance

The Missing Generation of Dance by Sean Dorsey and San Francisco’s Best Dance Company will be showing for a short time at 7 Stages from Feb. 4 to Feb. 7. Dorsey’s newest work “explores the contemporary impact of the loss of part of an entire generation of gay and transgender people to AIDS in the 1980s and 90s.”





Our Lady Shangela and the Awkward Attempt at a Trans-Narrative on X-Files

Full disclosure, I spent my 1990s collecting Buffy memorabilia and never got around to indulging in X-Files, but there is literally nothing more exciting than seeing Shangela pop out of her proverbial box. Unfortunately, what was promised to be the best episode yet turned out to be an awkward, problematic tale of transformation and lizard-men with Australian accents.

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