wussyTV Premiere: Who is She? with Dynisty St. James



Atlanta’s own Dynisty St. James is dynamite, some crazy kind of fireworks that’ll have you screaming in delight. We all appreciate different things in different queens (humor, looks, schticks, pop culture commentary), but only so many are as ACTIVE as Dynisty. She’s a gorgeous whirling dervish, oft donned in psychedelic prints or skintight black, her rhinestones set ablaze with hair in full motion. Miles-long legs lifting to the skies, Dynisty’s dancefloor ecstasy floods out the gates of heaven. Crowds cannot help but connect to this diva-ette’s wild child spirit, and when she performs, they sing to and lift each other up.

Lover of designer Marco Marco, the essential To Wong Foo, and old-school icons like Josephine Baker and Marilyn Monroe, Dynisty mixes classic and new fashions. She believes above all in a foundation of hard work and inner beauty because, as she told us, “If you’re a beautiful person on the outside, does it really matter if your insides are all turnt up?” Hailing from a musical background (her father put out a rap album), she grew up influenced by a family of strong, sassy women. This upbringing, and the pop culture of the 80s and 90s, helped to create the blueprints of her drag career.

She heard many nos before hearing a yes, performed countless times before ever receiving a check, and has flatout been told she was not wanted. So what's Dynisty’s advice to the struggling artiste? “Don’t ever give up because that’s what the enemy is here to do, to steal and destroy all of your dreams, and kill what we’re supposed to be doing.” Stealing the crown as winner of the Phoenix International Newcomer pageant, you can find Dynisty at Burkhart’s and at Jungle, crawling up the walls onto awnings, upside down on the ceiling, or jumping from the bartop into a split on the floor, all non-stop to three Beyonce songs in a row.

Check out the first episode of our new series, Who is She?, on WussyTV, featuring the one and only Dynisty St. James. Created by Meg Chase and Steven Glen Diehl, Who is She? documents Atlanta talent and crafts portraits of local queers.