“Legalize Rape” Protest Cancelled; Roosh V and Supporters Wish Everyone Would Just Leave Them Alone

As reported yesterday, Daryush Valizadehbetter known as red pill poster boy Roosh Vorganized a world-wide meet up of “tribes” during which the men would discuss how to politically distill rape and hate-crime laws of their importance and power. Among the 165 proposed meetup sites, was Atlanta’s own Piedmont Park. Understandly, people were pissed about this. As a result, Roosh V cancelled the meetups citing safety concerns because, yeah.

Many Return of the King’s (Valizadeh’s blog focusing on subjugating women to the sexual wiles of men) users were perplexed by this development, offering curious and teary-eyed musings such as this:

Roosh and his followers are just really confused as to why the press has decided to dub their meetups “legalize rape protests” because as many of them put it, they just want to have a “civilized conversation”. How unfortunate. How woeful. Does the plight of men know no end? Have any of these angry people actually read Roosh’s bestsellers on sexual tourism such as “Bang Colombia” and “Don’t Bang Denmark”? Had they, they would understand that these men really just want to talk. You know, about women’s bodies without the presence or input of actual women. They’re basically Congress. 

So why can’t we trust them to know what’s best for us?

Roosh supporters are having difficulty facing this tough reality. What is actually a display of the World’s collective outrage regarding a blatant ploy to make rape and sexual assault less illegal (NOT LEGAL; PLEASE DON’T FORGET THEIR TRUE GOAL THEY BEG) is being spun by ROK users as a global attempt to silence the opposition. The only thing is, no one's actually buying that and a few ladies have even volunteered to beat their asses. Really, Roosh V and his followers don’t understand why you’re so pissed—they just want to fuck your vagina without consent and/or legal repercussions, so let them have their meeting so they can get their shit together and make this happen okay? Or not, because why the fuck would anyone want to do that?

Zaida J. is currently a Features Editor here at WUSSY and a self-described transgender loud mouth.