WUSSY Talk with Max from RuPaul's Drag Race

In February, one of our favorite season seven sweethearts from RuPaul's Drag Race flew down to Atlanta for the  Legendary Children: Black Hearts Ball. That night, Max and the local LC queens helped raise over $5000 for Lost-n-Found Youth, Atlanta's only nonprofit working to get LGBTQ youth off the streets. 

From the moment she entered the workroom, it was clear that Max sashays to the beat of her own drum. With the edge of an old Hollywood femme fatale, she became known for her signature gray hair, British accent, and a certain sweetness that could melt any drag queens heart. When asked about her character inspiration, Max said, “I think a good reason I'll never cease interest in the business of being a woman is the idea of the Femme Fatale. Always great electricity in the veins of someone a bit dangerous."

Her favorites? "Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns or a few other things but mainly my only Selina Kyle. Eve Harrington, too. For the ambition."

Since exiting the show, Max has remained relatively quiet. There were even rumors circulating that she may be quitting drag, which mostly stemmed from her lack of social media presence. At the end of last year, she successfully wrapped up an Indiegogo Campaign to fund an upcoming one or two night cabaret in Minneapolis called Collective. The show will premiere in her hometown of Minneapolis, feature multiple acts and Max's signature live singing

During her Atlanta visit, Max sat down with Brigitte Bidet to talk about these new projects, her favorite films, and life after Drag Race.

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