Welcome to a very special edition of FANNIE4U! Fannie will be one of the radical HBIC DJ's this Friday night at our monthly dance party, Powder Room. Be sure to come out and support!

My femme identity has always been rooted in radical tenderness.

I believe in having a sharpened softness; being extreme and violent and sensitive. Encompassing all of this all while existing unapologetically as a black queer woman can be hard for the masses to digest, and I feel like it's vital for more femmes to be unapologetic about their emotions. 

Music and fashion are outlets where femininity can shine and be celebrated and shouted.

I personally love music that makes me feel emotional in any sense. Whether I instantly need to dance or cry or scream along, to me, good music should make you feel and teleport you to different emotional planes. 

I created this mix to prep myself for this Friday's Powder Room @ The Heretic. I wanted to combine songs that I could get ready to with my babes that would put us in a space to laugh and sing and throw it in a circle.

I adore feminine energy however it is delivered to me, and I implore you to tell a femme that they're marvelous and their existence is fundamental today.

Fannie is a queer femme atlien who has mixed drinks about feelings. She an avid online shopper, a smol senstive gem that enjoys dimly lit bars, dancing, and cartoons that make her cry.