Sister Louisa's (G)rantings: FOLLOWER/NOT FOLLOWER

Welcome to Sister Louisa's Daily (G)rantings. Every day leading up to Easter Sunday, Grant Henry, owner of Edgewood hotspot CHURCH (it's a bar!), will provide us with one daily rant/affirmation.

All of this will lead up to Church's annual fellowship of the queers and weirdos - Easter Sunday Celebration - featuring DJ Vicki Powell with special guests, Mark Louque (NOLA/Ptown), Rich King (Snaxx/Easy NYC), and Bendito (Mary's ATL).  


Growing up straddling
a pendulum between
Panama City, Florida
and Acworth, Georgia,
and then landing smack dab
in the heart of the
Sin City of the South,
has “blessed me”
with a rich array of perspectives
thru which to see life.

All of these perspectives
shine light on my
available CHOICES in life,
and have given me
the confidence
to know that if one
doesn’t fucking work out,
then all I have to do
is hang it all up,
let it go,
and grow.

The concept of Easter
gives me
the chance
to bring closure
to the old story,
the energy to push
the rock aside,
the will to rise
from the dead,
and an adrenaline rush
to create
my new story
…even though
I am not
a “Christian”
by Christian’s standards.

With all my doubt
and disbelief though,
it is still OBVI
that my faith
is bigger
than my brain,
and I do relate
to Easter.

Perhaps this Easter
I will take the opportunity
to look inside myself
and assess
all the excess shit
I’m dragging around
and metaphorically
hang it all up
on a cross,
let it go,
and walk away


Grant Henry is proprietor and resident artist of Sister Louisa's CHURCH & Ping Pong Emporium...Come On In, Precious! in Atlanta, Georgia and of Sister Louisa's CHURCH (It's a Glory Hole!) in Athens, Georgia.

His greatest pride in life is having helped rear his amazing daughter Mary Grace who has "blessed him" with his current source of joy, Little Emilio.