Sister Louisa's (G)rantings: GAY/NOT GAY

Welcome back to Sister Louisa's Daily (G)rantings. Every day leading up to Easter Sunday, Grant Henry, owner of Edgewood hotspot CHURCH (it's a bar!), will provide us with one daily rant/affirmation. Check out the first installment here

All of this will lead up to Church's annual fellowship of the queers and weirdos - Easter Sunday Celebration - featuring DJ Vicki Powell with special guests, Mark Louque (NOLA/Ptown), Rich King (Snaxx/Easy NYC), and Bendito (Mary's ATL).  


I have sex with guys
a couple of times a week
…but just to make sure
I DON’T like it.

Strangely though,
I don’t identify
only as gay.

Stranger still,
Identification as straight
isn’t my bag of toys either.

The label bi-sexual
doesn’t even fit
my no-ass,
barrel chested body.

Friction is friction
and love is greater than
the activities of
the penises and vaginas

I would venture to say
that if I were going to enter
into a long term relationship
with anyone at all,
it would as likely be a girl
as it would be a guy,
or a “whichever”.

I have more
than my fair share
of love in my life.

I fall in love with people
and am not compelled
to pick a team
and stick with it,
nor do I think
that just because
I fall in love with someone,
that it will lead to sex,
nor will the sex
that may be shared
define the relationship.

Labels suck ass,
just as I don’t like the label
of Christian or Atheist,
of Democrat or Republican,
just because I was born
to parents who happen
to go to a Christian Church
or voted the Democratic ticket.

Labels divide people
into camps,
which divides us
into an us/them
“I am right.
They are wrong.”

Labels lead leaders
to believe that they
have the right to say
what they can do
and what those
not like them can,
or cannot do.

Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow isn’t promised.
THIS is the nineties people.

Let’s live in the now
and let no one anywhere,
no matter their religion,
their political leaning,
nor their sexual expectations,
define what that means for us
nor limit what we can
or cannot do
with the ones
whom we love.

After all,
It’s all about love!

Grant Henry is proprietor and resident artist of Sister Louisa's CHURCH & Ping Pong Emporium...Come On In, Precious! in Atlanta, Georgia and of Sister Louisa's CHURCH (It's a Glory Hole!) in Athens, Georgia.

His greatest pride in life is having helped rear his amazing daughter Mary Grace who has "blessed him" with his current source of joy, Little Emilio.