Tru Grit MxTape from Southern Fried, Queer Pride

Atlanta has a lot of sounds and a lot of genres trap, punk, gospel, folk, etc. That's why it's been a driving force in the music scene for the past decade and some change. When we, Southern Fried Queer Pride, came together to make a playlist of Atlanta queerness, we wanted something that sounded like a Georgia summer, with radical grit, and a Southern swagger. We present to you our Tru Git mixtape.

1.) Ciara - "Oh" (Ft. Ludacris)
Ciara, the princess of Crunk-N-B, hails from outer metro suburb Riverdale, and Ludacris from Decatur (where it's greater). "Oh" is a musical description of the communities that make up Atlanta and all of their decor and decorum—rims, music blasting, white tees. It's a laid back ode to Atlanta.

2.) Gossip - "Standing In The Way of Control"
Gossip may not hail from the South, but Beth Ditto has the voice of someone who grew up in Baptist churches earning her chops. Queers in the South are "standing in the way of control" the minute they swish their hips, exaggerate their limp wrists, defy normative standards of beauty, etc. We chose this song because it felt like a proper description of what SFQP stands for and it's a wallop of a song in the face of heteronormativity.

3.) Crime Mob - "Knuck If You Buck"
"Knuck If You Buck" is the best punk song of the past two decades. A controversial statement, right? But we mean it. Everything about this song is punk (minus the atypical lack of the drum-guitar combo). This song is slap in the face to anyone who tries youthat job who let you go because you disclosed your being trans, that relative who always raises hell when your queer ass is around. If you ever get down about the world getting down on you, blast this song and you'll definitely feel better.

4.) #BlackTransLivesMatter - "Hell You Talmbout" (Trans Edition)
The original "Hell You Talmbout" was crafted by Janelle Monae and her Wondaland crew. What was upsetting was the lack of inclusion of Black trans folx who died at the hands of police, jail systems, etc. It was blatant knocking of solidarity. The trans version of "Hell You Talmbout" has become a staple at #BlackTransLivesMatter rallies raising the names and voices of those who society at large and intersecting communities refuse to give attention to.

5.) The Coathangers - "Watch Your Back"
ATL's punk trio the Coathangers are a force to be reckoned with. They just released an album, Nosebleed Weekend, and like the rest of their discography, it sounds like the literal embodiment of anger building up. "Watch Your Back" is on this playlist dedicated to a few a people: the transphobes, the queerphobes, the masc-for-masc gays, etc. It's the song you play on your way to get back at someone.

6.) Dandy Warhol - "L1QUID"
Dandy Warhol is a spitfire. Having performed at last year's SFQP festival, SWEET TEA: a queer variety show, and several house shows, Dandy is rising to be a ATL queer rap fiend. With beats you can throw hands to and lyrics sharper than a high femme's eyeliner, every release Dandy puts out never disappoints.

7.) OutKast - "So Fresh, So Clean"
You can't make an ATL-based mixtape without including the iconic OutKast. Though they may never make another joint album, their discography is rich enough to last decades. We included "So Fresh, So Clean" in this mixtape because it's a pick-me-up jam. You play it on your way to the MARTA station, while getting ready for a night out with friends, when you're about to meet someone special for "fun.” It's a multi-functional mood-setter.

8.) Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart"
We included "Groove Is In The Heart" on this list mainly because the video of them playing during Wigstock in 1990 and the energy and queerness of it all just makes you wish you were there! Lady Miss Kier is such a underrated queer-ally icon, as well. Last year, the same magic in that video was felt at so many SFQP eventsnamely the opening Deep Heat dance party and the SWEET TEA show. This year we want to be create that same magic with some interesting dance parties and art showcases!

9.) Khia - "My Neck, My Back"
There's no reason why Khia shouldn't be on this playlist. She's from Atlanta. She's an ally. And it's a favorite of local DJ King Atlas to break out that gets everyone on the dancefloor. Especially Matt Jones!

10.) OutKast - "Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.)"
Of course we had to end the playlist on OutKast. "Bombs Over Baghdad" is that song you're not sure exactly what it's about, but the beat and guitar solo topped off with the choir of kids singing the song title is enough to make you want to twerk. This song is a lot, and queer Atlanta is a lot. They're both a hodgepodge of a lot of quirky, weird, fierce things that makes this great city whole.

Queerly Yours,
Southern Fried Queer Pride